Our Cooling Services

Edmontonians have been blessed to enjoy some hot beautiful summers lately! With summer coming earlier and staying later, increase the comfort level of your home with an Air Conditioner. An Air Conditioner for your home has become a necessity in Edmonton.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Trust Eazy Breezy to service your air conditioner when it fails you. We pride ourselves on our strong service background and customer satisfaction!

Air Condition Installation

Tired of sweating through the summer? Let Eazy Breezy help you increase the comfort of your home. With so many options available to you, how can you decide which Air Conditioner is right for your home? Let Eazy Breezy help you decide! With many different brands, we will be able to find a unit that will suit your home and budget.

How Is an Air Conditioner Sized?

We size your Air Conditioner based on the square footage of your home and CFM of your furnace. It is very important not to size your unit too small, so your home is still warm. It is equally as important not to size your unit too large, creating an inefficient system.

Air Condition Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance is something every homeowner can accomplish. A new filter and a clean condenser coil help increase your air conditioner's efficiency and extend its life.

  1. We recommend changing your furnace filter every 3 - 4 months. By doing this, it will stop your evaporator coil from clogging up with dirt and dust.
  2. To clean your condenser coil, use a garden hose with very low pressure to rinse it off.

With these two simple steps, you can successfully extend the life of your Air Conditioner.

Air Condition Repair

When your air conditioner fails you, trust Eazy Breezy to make the repairs. With a strong repair background, Eazy Breezy prides ourselves on being able to fix all makes and models of air conditioners. As a family owned and operated business, we are not there to just upsell you to a new air conditioner. We will make an honest assessment of your needs and make a repair whenever possible.







Other Services


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