Our Heating Services

As a locally owned and operated business, Eazy Breezy understands better than anyone the long, cold winters we experience in Alberta. Let our family help your family stay warm this winter. Whether your furnace is falling apart or you are looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient option, call Eazy Breezy for your free in home quote. With over 15 years of experience in the ever changing Heating and Cooling industry, you can rely on us for the most up to date advice on a new climate control system. We are proud to offer you different brands and options to fit your family's budget and needs.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Trust Eazy Breezy to service your furnace when it fails you. We pride ourselves on our strong service background and customer satisfaction!

Furnace Installation

Each home is unique and will require it's own heat loss calculation. We take into account the age of the home, amount of windows in the home and many more factors that can impact the efficiency of your system. It is Eazy Breezy's goal to match your home with the proper size unit to ensure your absolute comfort during the cold Edmonton months. With many different options available, we will help each home owner reach a decision that will meet their needs and budget.

Furnace Maintenance

It is extremely important to keep your furnace running in tip top shape. With regularly scheduled maintenances you ensure the longevity, efficiency and safety of your unit. During a maintenance of your furnace, we will identify any potential costly breakdowns to save you the headache later on. Don't wait until your furnace gives up on one of Alberta's notorious cold snaps, schedule a maintenance with Eazy Breezy today!

Furnace Repair

In Alberta's harsh winters, your furnace is working extremely hard and failures can happen. We at Eazy Breezy take pride in being able to repair all makes and models, no matter what the age of your furnace is. As a family owned and operated business, we are not there to just upsell you to a new furnace. We will make an honest assessment of your needs and repair if possible.

Before calling for a repair, check the below list…

  1. Your furnace filter is clean. Furnace filters should be changed every 3 - 4 months. A neglected filter can lead to a furnace overheating and components failing.
  2. The furnace switch is turned ON. This is the safety switch that provides power to your furnace. Sometimes it could accidentally be turned off.
  3. The circuit breaker is turned ON. This will be located on your electrical panel.

If you are able to confirm the above list and your furnace is still not working, please give us a call right away!







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